"It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else."
~ A quote by Henri Matisse.
French Artist 1869 - 1954
Artist's Statement
Since my earliest recollections,
I have been producing art. From
making my own toys as a child, to
recreating furniture, clothing
and other items I otherwise
couldn't afford. Driven by the
desire to create rather than
purchase, I explored every
avenue available to me to
develop my skills. This diverse
knowledge base gives me a
wealth of resources from which
to draw inspiration.
My painting style reflects this love of craftsmanship. My selection of subject matter is often
influenced by my love of form, color and detail. From the swirling reflections in curved glass,
to the rough textures of tree bark.
Each painting begins as a photo cropped down to it's essential elements, and then enhanced to
give the colors a hyper-realistic dream like quality. This technique gives the finished painting
both a realistic feel, as well as an abstract quality in that the finished painting seems to have
a dream like effect.
The ability to work in various mediums allows me the flexibility to execute a piece in any
number of styles, but my passion has always been to paint photo- realistically. Over time, I
have developed a method of layering thin washes of paint to mimic the way light produces
subtle color shifts on different materials.

Over the years, my art has opened many doors for me, and since I am constantly exploring
new techniques, and new media, I can't wait to see  what tomorrow might  bring. Join me, and
let's find out together.
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