This painting entitled "BEST IN SHOW"
Won best in show at the 2011 GFAA annual
juried exhibit.
Taken at the 2011 Gaithersburg Fine Arts Association Kentlands  Manor Annual Spring
Juried Exhibit.
When is it ok to call
yourself an artist?
Artist's Resume
As a self-taught artist, it always amazes me
when someone thinks enough of my art to
put out their hard earned money for it. But a
conversation with a friend started me
thinking about just where my art is right now.

I have paintings in.....
Japan, Australia, Canada, and at least five
states in the U.S.

I have sculptures in.....
Italy, plus a half dozen pieces scattered
across America.

And thanks to Internet sales, my graphics
work is literally spread out across the globe,
with sales in places like The British Isles,
Poland, Australia, Germany, Russia, the
Middle East, Canada, and all 50 states.

With  over 2000 sales, both locally and
internationally, I finally feel comfortable
calling myself an artist.
"Art is skill, that is the first meaning of the word."
~ A quote by Eric Rowton Gill
British artist, 1882 - 1940
Title "Best in Show"      Award  Best in show at the 2011 GFAA Kentland Spring  
                                        Juried  Exhibit. Gaithersburg MD

Title "Corner Cafe"       Award  1st place in the Professional Watercolor Category
                                        2012 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, Gaithersburg MD

Title "Babygirl               Award  
1st place in the Professional Pastel Category
                                         2012 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.
                                         "Patty Potter Memorial Award" Best four footed friend.
2012 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, Gaithersburg MD

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